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"Therapist was very efficient and proffesional" Uma Thurman


Enjoy an Ingenious Beauty skin treatment with Blossom & Jasmine. Harnessing the Ultimate Collagen+ power of three, Blossom & Jasmine promises to give you your best skin. Each treatment – face or body – includes a 30 day supply of Ingenious Beauty Ultimate Coillagen+ for at home use. Each patented enteric, vegetable cellulose capsule is packed with just three highly effective ingredients - no filler or cheap dupes. These, combined with the capsule, which passes through the stomach wall and only disintegrates once it reaches the small intestine – the place of maximum nutrient absorption, ensures that the Ultimate Collagen+ benefits reach the skin, hair and nails where it is needed and most effective. Tests show smoother and firmer skin, stronger nails, thicker hair and improvement in the body’s overall vitality within 10 to 20 days. Each capsule contains: natural marine collagen to repair structure and smooth skin; natural astaxanthin, a powerful, naturally occurring antioxidant, sourced from marine algae and animals and Second Generation Hyaluron (HA) to hydrate, moisturise and plump skin. One to three capsules preferably taken before bed, is advised. The emptier your stomach the better the results, but to get the results, you just have to take them! For ultimate skin, hair and nail perfection, look no further than Blossom & Jasmine Ingenious Beauty treatments


The Product

Ultimate Collagen+ Second Generation by Ingenious Beauty is a groundbreaking new beauty supplement, which has been shown to dramatically reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles within just 20 days. Specifically designed for maximum absorption, the simplicity and efficacy of the three natural ingredients in the capsules has been featured in Cosmopolitan, Elle, The Times, Harpers Bazaar, Irish Tatler, Look, OK! and Red magazine to name but a few.


Marine Collagen Peptide – to smooth and firm

Astaxanthin – to protect and repair

Hyaluronan-Complex – to plump and hydrate


 The Brand

Ingenious Beauty was developed by award winning pharmacist Pupinder Ghatora, Mpharm MRPharmS SCS, and David Hyland, MSc MBA.  For many years, they have studied the way the body ages and have used this to transform your beauty routines and overall wellbeing.


Your Evening Routine

Take one to three (three for maximum benefit and faster results) Ultimate Collagen+ Second Generation capsules before bed for


·       Smoother, firmer, hydrated skin

·       Stronger nails

·       Thicker hair

·       Improved overall vitality


Ingenious Beauty, Ultimate Collagen+ Second Generation is 100% natural and works in perfect harmony with the body.















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