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Blossom and Jasmine mobile spa and beauty services

Massage at home benefits

Posted: 18 January 2011 19:03


Relieves tight and aching muscles
Improves circulation
Stimulates digestion
Speeds up elimination of toxins
Promotes better sleep
Prevents fluid build-up in tissues
Strengthens immunity system
Relieves headaches and eye strain
Provides pain relief
Increases energy

Relaxes the body, reducing tension and the effects of stress
Relaxes the mind, reducing effects of anxiety
Relieves tension and fatigue
Increases mental energy
Restores feeling of well-being


Last Updated: 18 January 2011 19:04

Featured Article in RIH

Posted: 11 January 2011 20:53

Perfect Polish

Chipped nails and overgrown cuticles are never lovely but look even worse when set against festive satin, silk and sequins. To save time, get in the experts from Blossom and Jasmine who will bring everything you need for perfect hands and feet straight to your door. And the RIH girls aren’t the only ones who like having their nails done at home – Uma Thurman is also a fan. Try OPI’s Off With Her Red, a gorgeous blood red or go dark with Chanel’s Paradoxal. Quirky girls can brighten things up with Nails Inc polish in Cadogan Gardens, a bright Barbie pink, or the canary yellow Carnaby Street.

Last Updated: 11 January 2011 20:55

Create Natural Look

Posted: 4 January 2011 22:00

Use a foundation to create a flawless looking skin, enhance your eyes using black mascara, apply a small amount of blush on your cheekbones to emphasize them and optionally apply a lip gloss on your lips to make them stand out

Last Updated: 4 January 2011 22:10

Our happy VIP customers

Posted: 4 January 2011 14:41


"I booked Blossom and Jasmine for an important client recently and the feedback was great - they were treated well, received excellent service and, above all, lovely treatments. I can highly recommend Gintare and the team. Emyr Thomas, Bon Vivant,"

Last Updated: 4 January 2011 14:41