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London Butterflies

Posted: 23 April 2015 21:41

Now that the summer days are coming, it’s time to get our skin looking good. We at Blossom and Jasmine are in love with this whipped body cream. It states that it is a luxurious silky moisturiser, which smells divine. The best thing is that your skin stays joyously supple, smooth and feeling great all day, so it must be doing something right. We tried the Winter Jasmine and Starflower on Gintare's dark brown tanned skin after her trip to the Maldives, and the soft whipped creamy formula sunk in super fast, and is helping her keep the tan that we’re all jealous of! The fragrance here is beautifully subtle, but lasting.
My skin is naturally dry, so I chose to test out the Meadowsweet with Jojoba oil Body Butter Soufflé, which states that it is has a deeply moisturising formula. The ingredients include Shea butter and vitamin E, which both work wonders on dry skin. The scent is very summery as it’s sweet orange and lemon oils, and this is slightly more fragrant that the Winter Jasmine and Starflower. I am not a huge fan of smelly body moisturiser, as it covers me daily, I rather a more subtle scent. However it really did keep my skin feeling soft and well hydrated, which is the most important part of its job so I didn’t mind too much.
The Dead Sea Salt and Sweet Almond Oil body scrub, is loved by all here. We’ve all tried this scrub (even our men), and all of us have enjoyed its cleansing and moisturising properties. It smells gorgeous and has a gentle lasting fragrance, but the very best part of this scrub is that it leaves your skin feeling both tingly and amazingly soft. This soft feeling stays all day, yes all day! This body scrub is easily our favourite product in this range, but only because it was just a lovely surprise. Scrubs can be too harsh, or not exfoliating enough, but this has a great balance between the two, and it smells fab, which is a body bonus.
All these products are £29.99 and you can purchase them from the website.

Last Updated: 23 April 2015 21:54

Zars Media Fashion and Make Up Event:

Posted: 23 April 2015 20:23

Blossom and Jasmine were delighted to be asked to back to be involved in this fabulous event at Hamm Yard Hotel, in Piccadilly. Last year it was held on a Elizabeth boat, floating along the river Thames on a bright sunny day. Zars Media are a company who celebrate working women, and this was for a wonderful group of female entrepreneurs. We sent our amazing Davina, one of our hugely talented make-up artists, who worked with 40 beautiful women. Once Davina had worked her magic on them, they all had fun having their photo’s taken.
We were there all day, working in this really sumptuous setting. The hotel itself is quite stunning, and the interior is an eclectic modern boutique design, and it worked perfectly for this lively event.
We look forward to doing this again and again…
Zars Media


Last Updated: 23 April 2015 21:08