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How to Make the Most of Immersive Wellness Experiences

Posted: 8 December 2022 12:05

Wellness travel and healing holidays are receiving more attention than ever before. Shortly after pandemic most of well-known holiday companies and mainstream tour operators have all allocated a separate category in their portfolio specifically focusing on wellness gateways. But the question remains unanswered whether these ‘wellness getaways’ going to truly ‘transform you’ and make you healthier and happier? Can one week in sunny Maldives seriously change your level of happiness forever?

“The reach for inner happiness should start within the right environment which allows us to tackle the issues that make us unhappy and unstable,” said Dovile Kaspariene, Founder of Kotus Wellness. Kotus Wellness was established during the pandemic to offer a wide range of holistic wellness travel, rejuvenation, and immersive wellbeing escapes that support individual health and wellbeing needs. “Wellness experience is more than a whole-body massage, a spa treatment or a yoga session. It has to be holistic. Individual wellness is a journey which starts with small steps and requires perseverance and acceptance of personal change” added D Kaspariene. 

Having suffered from alopecia and few burnouts while dedicating her whole-self to the corporate sector D Kaspariene reveals that there are no quick fixes to someone’s happier and healthier life. She adds that people and companies should take preventative approach and invest in themselves and their teams at earlier stages and way before someone’s wellbeing becomes an issue. D Kaspariene adds that it is not a secret that corporate sector remains very ad-hoc when it comes to wellbeing of their employees. Sadly this reactive approach leads to burnouts, stressed employees, low motivation and ultimately reduced levels of productivity. Having worked for a highly pressurised and fast paced global technology and engineering companies herself, D Kaspariene recognises the sad reality of unhappy employees who swap attractive monetary incentives to the new employment environment where they feel more valued, less stressed and empowered. “It is no longer about end of year bonuses and increased wages. It is all about retaining the top talent through taking agile decisions and investing in employee wellbeing programmes,” said D Kaspariene.

While travelling abroad to relax, disconnect, and replenish one’s inner wellbeing is not possible for everyone, Kotus Wellness has partnered with Blossom & Jasmine - UK’s most luxurious at-home and at-work salon service, to offer UK-based wellness programmes. These group retreats are focusing on busy professionals who get overwhelmed, stressed, or require a sanity check before they can continue giving their best back to the environment. At the end of each wellbeing programme, individuals are equipped with tools to help them navigate stressful work and life situations as well as to become better employees and human beings. The retreats offered by Kotus Wellness and Blossom & Jasmine vary from one day to a weekend away and are hosted in the hand-picked venues around the UK. Only highly qualified coaches and experts are being brought on board to share the best industry experience and to tackle underlying team issues whether that is linked to reduced motivation, lack of trust, stressful deadlines, overwhelm, executive incompetence or other. 

Gintare Lisauskiene, Founder and CEO of Blossom & Jasmine, encourages employers to take an innovative outlook to their company’s future and to not ignore forming an employee wellbeing strategy as a part of overall business plan. As a successful business woman herself, G Lisauskiene has experience in a numerous let downs by her staff, and values nothing more than investing in her employees at the early stages. “Investing in wellbeing of the team will give organisations long-term returns and save efforts in finding and training the new talent,” said G Lisauskiene. “Equally, individuals willing to invest in becoming happier versions of themselves, would flourish in not just work but all life situations,” adds G Lisauskiene. 

With Christmas and New Year approaching both founders add that “the best gift anyone can receive is a key to unlocking their healthier and happier life.” Both women are determined to help more people and organisations to find that key and hold their hand through the journey of self-discovery and self-transformation.



Last Updated: 8 December 2022 12:17