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The Perfect Gift For Valentine's Day

Posted: 3 February 2013 22:25

With Valentine's Day approaching, many of us are looking for the perfect gift or gifts for
this romantic occasion. Cards, flowers and chocolate are all lovely but why not treat your
partner to a wonderfully romantic gift from Blossom and Jasmine.

Stylish and Natural Aromatherapy Candles

Blossom and Jasmine aromatherapy candles make a perfect gift for everyone.
Available in five scents, using pure essential oils, these 100% natural candles truly awaken the
Our favourites for Valentine's Day are the Prestiges candle and the Luxe candle. The
Prestiges candle is scented with frankincense, ylang ylang, patchouli and lemon. Ylang
Ylang is renowned for its aphrodisiac qualities making this an ideal choice. While the
Luxe candle is scented with calming lavender, basil and exotic Jasmine, perfect for a
romantic atmosphere. All five scents are also available in a sophisticated black casing,
making this a stylish addition to your home.

Smart and Delicious - to lift your mood

Prestiges - to feel fantastic

Divine - for inner energy

Indigo - to lift your energy levels

Luxe - for serenity and relaxation



Wellness and Pampering Gift vouchers

Our Beautiful beauty, wellness and spa massage gift vouchers are an ideal gift for
Valentine's Day. Indulge in one of our services, choose from a beautiful manicure or a
relaxing aromatherapy massage at home or try a rejuvenating facial.The choice is yours, when choosing
to pamper your loved one with a Blossom And Jasmine Gift Voucher.

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