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Summer Weddings - Make-up tips for beautiful brides

Posted: 1 July 2014 21:29


What comes to mind when picturing the warmest of all seasons? Sun, sandy
beaches, delicious ice cream, cooling cocktails, mouth watering barbecues, a
dreamy holiday romance all while your favourite summer soundtrack plays.
Summer is the ideal time for holidays, long days out and is the most popular
season for weddings. If you are preparing for a wedding in these coming
months, then you will most definitely have been planning for a long time before
now. The perfect hairstyle, flawless make-up, immaculate nails and an elegant
dress, are all a part of creating the beautiful bride for her special day.
When choosing your make-up for a summer wedding many factors have to be
taken into consideration. Make-up that will glow but will not melt away, long
lasting products and good application that means no need for excessive
retouching. Make-up that will make you feel beautiful and confident on your
big day.
Here are our favourite tips and techniques to create summer friendly bridal make-up.

Heat and humidity will affect the skin, so it's important that make-up withstand
these factors. Depending on your skin type its vital to choose the right moisturiser,
foundation or tinted moisturiser. For oily skin, a oil free moisturiser is
recommended. While for normal or dry skin a light texture hydrating moisturiser
is recommended, such as Chanel Hydra Beauty Gel Creme.
After moisturiser, a primer should be applied, such as Laura Mercier foundation
primer - oil free. This creates a smooth canvas, fills in lines and helps make-up stay
on for longer. Tinted moisturiser is a nice alternative to a light coverage foundation
for summer weddings and should be applied after a primer. Tinted moisturiser
usually contains Spf, which is ideal especially if you are having an outdoor
wedding. A concealer for blemishes, dark circles and any area that needs to be
concealed and a a good setting powder will help create a clear canvas for the rest of
the make-up.

Eyes /Eye Brows

Whether you choose to have a smokey eye using soft pretty tones or a shimmering
eye using light and antique golds, its important eye make-up lasts the whole day.
To ensure no creasing or fading, cream eyeshadows are generally not recommended
for summer weddings. An eyeshadow primer, such as Nars - smudge proof
eyeshadow base works perfectly to keep long-lasting eye make-up. There are also
many waterproof eyeliners and mascaras available for this occasion so that eye
make-up won't be ruined by tears.
If eyebrows are sparse, fill with powder, as the finish is more natural than using a
eye pencil. Alternatively use a eyebrow pen, such as Suqqu - liquid eyebrow pen,
with its fine tip its perfect for filling in even the finest of hairs, creating well defined

Cheeks  Highlighter
Powder blush is one of the best options here, a soft pink, muted rose or golden
peach are classic colours associated with bridal make-up. Lip/cheek stains are a
wonderful alternative to lipstick and blush, such as Benefit - Benetint lip and cheek
stain. These are sheer but have great staying power. Once again avoid cream blush
if you are having are going to have much sun exposure.
A highlighter is perfect for summer weddings, the light reflective pigments waken
up your complexion and accentuate your good features. Apply highlighter to the
apples of cheeks, bridge of nose, brow bone and above the brows. We recommend
Laura Mercier - loose shimmer powder in Stardust or a liquid highlighter by Benefit
- High Beam.

Make sure lips are nice and soft before applying lipstick, lip gloss or lip stain. Use a
lip scrub before any moisturiser or make-up has been applied. This is a wonderful
product as it works by exfoliating chapped lips by removing dead skin, so lip
product application will be more smoother. Before applying lipstick, moisturise
with a lip balm then apply a lipstick and lip pencil to even out the shape. Blot with
a tissue and reapply lipstick. Alternatively many make-up ranges have a lip
product that is long wearing ideal for weddings, these include Mac - Pro Longwear
lip colour and Max Factor - Lip Finity.
Bridal make-up must haves for a summer wedding
*A setting spray to finish make-up and to refresh skin throughout day, we
recommend Mac Fix+. This hydrating aqua spray is infused with a calming blend
of cucumber, chamomile and green tea, perfect for the warm weather.
*Blotting sheets are very helpful on your wedding day. They mop up sweat,
keeping shiny skin away. So you can have a nice glow without having excessive
sweat on your face.
*Using an eyelash curler opens up the eyes and lengthens lashes to give a lovely
*A little make-up bag with essentials, these include a concealer, compact pressed
powder, lipstick or lipgloss, a eye pencil incase you choose to intensify your eyes,
cotton buds to correct any minor make-up messes and of course a mirror.
Popular pre-pampering procedures
Bridal beauty preparations usually begin many months before the actual wedding
day. These beauty treatments can be incorporated into your pre-wedding routine.
Eyebrow Threading
Eyebrows are one of the most important features of the face and the right shape will
enhance your appearance. Eyebrow threading is an ancient art of hair removal originating
from Asia and the Middle East. Threading has a very precise finish, with even the finest
hairs not being missed. Depending on your hair growth, anywhere from a week to a few
days before your wedding is recommended.
Eyelash Perming/Eyelash Extensions
This procedure is ideal for those wanting long curly lashes but without having to worry
about mascara, eyelash curlers and applying false lashes. The procedure usually takes an
hour and lasts for about four weeks.
This is another very popular procedure for brides. There are many different methods of
tooth whitening to choose from, including whitening strips or visiting a cosmetic dentist
for whitening gel and custom fitted trays. The length of time to see results is usually
around two weeks but should be done in advance of at least a month or two just in case of
minor side

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